Electronic Notebook Software for Laboratory Notebooks FAQ's

What is LabArchives?:

LabArchives is an innovative, new web-based electronic notebook software that utilizes the latest technologies on the Internet to organize your laboratory data.

How are my data stored?:

LabArchives provides a sophisticated and multiply-redundant network of servers that ensures your data are always safe and available. Access your Laboratory Notebooks from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All data are transferred using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption: the same security used for online banking.

If you wish, LabArchives may be insalled on a local server within your institution.Contact us for details.

How do I get my data into LabArchives' Electronic Lab Notebook?:

Using your browser, textual data may be typed directly into LabArchives laboratory notebook, or you may attach any type of file into your Laboratory Notebooks. Some applications, such as GraphPad Prism (Version 5.04 / 5.0d and higher), enable you to store your data directly into LabArchives. You may also send e-mails directly to your account. A special program is also available that enables selected files to automatically be transferred to LabArchives.

What if I want to store my data on our internal network?:

A locally installed version of LabArchives is also available, most users prefer the safety and security of the LabArchives network already containing the electronic notebook software.

How much data can I store in LabArchives?:

That depends on which version you select. Our Professional Version inlcudes 100 GB of storage PER USER, which is shared across the account. So, for example, a 10 user lab gets a full 1 TB of storage. Note that the largest single file for our "Cloud" version is 250 MB. Customers who commonly have larger files may prefer the locally installed version.

I understand that you maintain multiple backups of my data, but what if I want my own, local backup?:

LabArchives includes a feature that enables you to download your entire electronic lab notebook to your local computer at any time. This may be done as a local "web site" or in PDF format.

How much does your Electronic Notebook Software cost?:

LabArchives offers free subscriptions with limited storage and sharing capabilities. Our Professional version is affordably priced for academic institutons and non-profits at just $99 per user per year (including 100 GB of storage per user), representing a 50% discount off of pricing for commercial organizations. Special departmental and site license pricing is also available as well as quantity discounts.

Can I share my LabArchives data with my colleagues?:

LabArchives allows you to easily share selected data from your Notebook(s) with your colleagues inside or outside the lab (or you can even share publicly). "Guests" (i.e. unpaid subscribers) may also be given the ability to edit data (if you choose) for 60 days, after which time they become read-only.

What if I want to add a new user during the subscription year?:

Additional users may be added at any time for a pro-rated charge.

What happens to my data if I decide not to renew my subscription?:

LabArchives will maintain your Laboratory Notebooks at no charge for a period of 3 years on a read-only basis.You may also download your notebook at any time and run LabArchives on a local PC.

What if someone leaves the lab?:

All information for a User in your laboratory remains part of your Laboratory Notebook. If you wish, you can allow one of your Users to extract their data and copy it to a LabArchives account.

What hardware do I need?

LabArchives works on all major platforms any time you are connected to the Internet. This includes any Windows, Mac, or LInux system using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, as well as on the IPad and Android devices.

What is LabArchives' relationship with BioMed Central?

Through a special arrangement with LabArchives, LLC, and as part of BioMed Central's commitment to reproducible research and transparency in scientific communication, authors submitting manuscripts to some BioMed Central journals can obtain a complimentary subscription to LabArchives with an allotment of 100MB of storage.

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View Demo Video of our laboratory information management system.

View Demo Video of our laboratory information management system.
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